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It all starts with an idea...

  Creativity is the key to who we are and everything we do. Four decades of experience has taught us that success always results from comprehensive research, client support, unrelenting passion, and cooperative collaboration.

  Innovative creative concepts are not enough, though. Brilliant marketing ideas often die on the vine because of poor implementation and shoddy execution. We understand that every campaign must have a complete follow-through, from start to finish, to practically guarantee success. And that’s where we have excelled for over forty years.

  Our creative communications campaigns tend to have amazing “staying power”, with several lasting, almost unchanged, for three decades. That’s because we start with a great concept, secure complete client buy-in, and then execute the production of the campaign as flawlessly and consistently as humanly possible.

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Creative Experts

  “Creative” is in our company name for good reason. Creativity is the driving force behind every function of our firm. When you “create” compelling campaigns and sync them up with a “creative” marketing strategy, you tend to “create” what the client wants most: BIGGER PROFITS.

  CREATIVITY is the proverbial goose that lays the golden egg. (And we take good care of our geese.)

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  Public Relations is an often-overlooked component of marketing. That doesn’t make it any less important, though. We’ve successfully developed and managed public relations campaigns ranging anywhere from damage control to new product rollouts to political advocacy campaigns. If you have a story that needs to be told, we can and will get it out there with the best positive spin possible.

IntelliSystems - Case Study

We’ve worked with IntelliSystems CEO Kevin Wade in various capacities since 1993, during which time we have helped him create several uniquely humorous radio commercials. We were able to, with the genius of Moving Canvas Media’s Rob Forbes, translate comedy onto the small screen with a super-successful business telephone advertising promotional campaign (“Bean in My Ear”) that ran in both Columbia, SC and Augusta, GA---proving that marketing can be both fun and profitable.

Century 21 Larry Miller Realty - Case Study

Larry Miller invited us to help him grow CENTURY 21 Larry Miller Realty almost twenty years ago. This visionary leader wanted enduring, positive “top-of-mind” awareness for his brand as well as a campaign that aggressively promotes his agents. Today, the fruits of our collaborative efforts are obviously working on television, radio, and online with our long-running “We’re the ONE” multimedia marketing campaign in the Augusta market.

WifeSaver - Jingle

We wrote the words and lyrics and directed the production of this iconic local chain’s compelling jingle in 2000---and it’s still going strong!

Featured Services

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  Marketing is the single most important job that every business owner and manager must handle successfully and well, year in and year out. Without consistent and effective marketing plans in place to drive new business and retain current customers, the prospect pipeline will eventually dry up.

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Creative Campaign Development

  “If you want a great new ad campaign to launch this Thursday, don’t call Clarion.” (Bert Dean, 2019)

  Creative Campaign Development is one of the most important aspects of successful marketing. An innovative and memorable marketing campaign makes you stand out from your competition. It takes planning, consultation and time to build a strong, sturdy beautiful house. It’s the same with a powerful creative campaign that is built to last.

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Creative Content Production

  Here at CLARION, we hang our hat on our experience, ability, and proven expertise when it comes to creating compelling and engaging content for:

  • audio and video commercials, over the air and online.

  • long-form video projects (TV shows, radio shows, industrial videos, real estate videos) for all media platforms.

  • static ads with blockbuster, attention-grabbing headlines and persuasive sales copy plus appealing, motivating photography for print and digital applications.

The Clarion Creative Team

Bert Dean, President, CEO, Creative Mind, Expert, Consultant, Business Owner, Leader

Bert Dean - President/CEO

"We are driven to do whatever it takes to help our clients grow and  prosper. And as surely as night follows day, the more successful our  clients become, the more successful we become. When we're all striving  for a common, well-defined goal, the odds are great that we will reach  it."

Sherry Moxley Seaman, VP, Account Executive,

Sherry Moxley Seaman, Vice President / Business Development

"Creativity is the key to everything we do to drive client growth---research, conceptualization, branding, media, PR, events, promotions, everything.  Add to that genuine enthusiasm and a mutual commitment to excellence, and success is virtually guaranteed."

Allen Dean, VP, Client Services, Account Manager, Team Member, Partner, Advisor

Allen Dean, Vice President / Client Services

"Truly outstanding marketing is the result of a mutual commitment to  excellence and success by all parties. Great work is always accomplished  through the collaborative efforts of a great agency and a great  client."

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